7 Reasons to Play Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake
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Fantastic. Unique, and Legendary. Final Fantasy VII Remake is here 20+ years later of its debut & with the boost of the new-gen. Here the Reasons to Play it

7 Reasons to Play Final Fantasy VII Remake | LIST-EM. Article Image by Square Enix


Final Fantasy VII Banner
Square Enix


The Buster Sword is coming and with it one of the most awaited games of the year.

The masterpiece Final Fantasy VII is having a retelling of its legendary story, 23 years after and with a new generation of PlayStation, gamers and FF fans.

Let’s check out 7 Reasons to Play this fantastic story created by the masters of Square Enix.




Final Fantasy VII PS4 Cover
Square Enix


Beloved, unique and emblematic FFVII left its mark on millions of players around the world.

With a deep story, wonderful characters and outstanding gameplay, this era of consoles is up to a great task by bringing the legend of Cloud and his fight against the mighty Shinra.

Outstanding visuals, a renewed battle system and a mix of the best of the FF franchise are set to fascinate new and old fans of the classical RPG.


Cloud engaged into a fight
Square Enix




Cloud staring at a building
Square Enix


Something that you cannot deny from Square Enix is their ability to make gorgeous complex games.

Combine that with the masterful storytelling created by the late Square (Pre 2003 merge with Enix) and you will experience the formula of a GOAT.

Taking the franchise back to its roots of meaningful stories, breathtaking scenery, and powerful OST, Square Enix by the hands of the originals Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase, and the legendary music composer Nobuo Uematsu, is aiming to enchant our controls once again.


Final Fantasy VII Female Character
Square Enix




Final Fantasy VII Powerful Character
Square Enix


And something that FFVII will try to bring to the new generation is the role that plays a great story.

When the latest trends of games are working around shooters and multi-players, Final Fantasy’s core is the very basics of an engaging story.


Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII
Square Enix


Unique characters, unexpected plots, big levels, memorable music, and remarkable gameplay.

Pieces that FFVII Remake is aiming to connect and by the looks of the latest demo, expand.

A crisp Voice Over that left behind the classical text dialogs and taking greater risks with a renew Active Time Battle makes this entry a feast to play.




Cloud from Final Fantasy VII inside a train
Square Enix


A feast that needed 3 CD’s to be enjoyed on the 1997’s Original.

So, this time Remake will be released as a multi-part series.

The first part will be focused on the events of Midgar, where the group AVALANCHE is on the mission to blow the Sector 1 Reactor owned by the mighty Shinra Electric Power Company, draining the Lifestream of the Planet.

The very source of life.

That’s when the path of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and Sephiroth cross, in a battle between AVALANCHE and Shinra for the life of the planet.

A complex story needed the power of the new consoles and technology to aim for new heights.

So, this could be a fantasy fulfilled, check out the opening sequence Courtesy of PlayStation





Sephiroth, the Final Fantasy VII antagonist, holding a sword
Square Enix


And be sure to fulfill the need to play with such beloved and badass characters.

You can count the richness of a game series by the way their characters morph the memories of gamers around the world.

Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Aerith and every member of the FFVII team became part of the history of video games with significant moments, breaking the barrier of classic stories and expanding its universe on other media such as films, books, and a virtual reality attraction by Universal Studios.

So, an expanded universe demanded a new retelling of the original with the boost of the latest tech.




Cloud fighting against a machine
Square Enix


But this new era also demands a new way to play the Cloud’s story.

The classic Active Time Battle system of combat by turns and brand of the franchise had to be reformed.

Combining the best of the latest FF entries and other classic franchises such as Kingdom Hearts, this new combat system creates dynamic and epic battles, where your strategy and smart use of the abilities of your party dictates the flow of the game.

The random battles (and farming opportunities) appears to be a thing of the past.

Now, prepare your buttons to attack your enemies in real-time, fill your bar to launch your unique abilities, cast spells, use a needed item or why not, summon a badass Ifrit, Leviathan or Shiva to KO your foes.


Art from Final Fantasy VII showing Cloud
Square Enix


Tension flowing, action madness and above all, epic combats with level up enemies.

This new take on how to play FF promises to be the cherry on the top.




Cloud staring at a city
Square Enix


If this is the era of well-made remakes, then we’re in.

And when a new generation of gamers get the opportunity to live and breathe a masterful Final Fantasy, directly from the golden era is a win for the industry.

Fans will get to relive their favorite moments with the boost of the graphic power of this generation of consoles.

So, we cannot wait to play again this wonderful story and so should you.

Prepare your thumbs because this Fantasy is coming on April 4th for the PS4.

In the meantime, enjoy the demo gameplay Courtesy of PlayStation



Tell us, have you played the legend of Final Fantasy VII? What’s the best moment that you cannot wait to play again on Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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