7 Reasons to Play the Legendary Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima
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Samurai Epicness, Open World & Unique Gameplay. Ghost of Tsushima is a breathtaking adventure game with an engaging story. Here are 7 Reasons to Play as the Ghost.

7 REASONS TO PLAY THE LEGENDARY GHOST OF TSUSHIMA | LIST-EM. Article Image by Sucker Punch Productions


Image by Sucker Punch Productions
Image by Sucker Punch Productions


Ghost of Tsushima is one of those games that caused quite some noise when it launched.

This little jewel made by Sucker Punch Productions was acclaimed by critics and users alike, cleaning their name from their last creation (the uninspired Infamous: First Light).

Here, you can see why this American game was praised even by the Japanese player base.




Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


The first thing that comes to mind with Ghost of Tsushima is, of course, the aesthetic.

Sucker Punch Productions took their time to design and shape 13th century Japan, and boy did they do an amazing job.

Whether you are walking through grasslands, sneaking inside a forest, or exploring a temple, the level of detail that the designers at SPP did is amazing.

It’s essentially a playable Akira Kurosawa film, and I can’t think of better praise than that.

Kudos to Sucker Punch.

Check out the Launch Trailer Courtesy of PlayStation 





Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


Much like the previous point, the visuals of Ghost of Tsushima are top-notch.

The models, textures, shadows, and the general feel of the game are awesome.


Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


Our character, Jin Sakai, it’s almost lifelike, and so are the rest of the characters that we encounter throughout our adventure.

Ghost of Tsushima really takes full advantage of the PS4’s hardware.




Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


Sure, the game looks pretty, and it makes you feel in feudal Japan, but is it worth it if it has the same level of writing as a wattpad fanfic?

Thankfully, Ghost of Tsushima isn’t like that, and Sucker Punch took their time to masterfully craft a compelling story, based on true events.


Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


The game takes you to the Mongol Invasion of Tsushima (hence the name) and the decisions that our character, Jin, must take to ensure his and his country's survival.

SPP mixed the right amount of historical facts and fantasy, and the result is amazing.




Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


Of course, the visuals and the story wouldn’t have nearly as much impact without the sounds to back them up.

Ilan Eshkeri (47 Ronin) and Shigeru Umebayashi (House of Flying Daggers) created a masterful soundtrack that mixes classical instruments with traditional Japanese sounds.

The result is a set of gorgeous and harrowing pieces that deliver the right feel for each scene.


Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


Whether you are exploring the map in horseback or watching a cutscene, the music accompanies perfectly whatever you are watching on the screen.

I’ll even go so far as to say that it’s good enough to listen as a stand-alone album.




Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


Sure, open-world games are dime a dozen, but Ghost of Tsushima has quite a few little twists that make it feel fresh.

First of all, the game lacks any sort of waypoints and mini-maps; however, even if it takes a while to get used to, the end result is an amazingly free experience.

You can travel pretty much anywhere in the map from the get-go, with only landmarks and gusts of winds to guide you.

Second, since there aren’t maps or guides, except what you can see on the screen and what you can memorize, the hidden secrets are, well, hidden (duh) with a few interesting mechanics, following foxes and writing haikus, for example.




Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


All these praises I’ve been singing to this game would be for naught if the gameplay was utterly terrible.

Pretty graphics and good storytelling mean nothing if you can’t actually have a good time playing the game.

That being said, the gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima is great.

The combat is amazingly fluid, with a variety of weapon choices and tools that will help you throughout your adventure.

The enhanced mobility that the grappling hook gives is a nice boost that allows you to traverse treacherous terrain and reach high places.

Along with that, there’s also the aforementioned horse riding, so you can cross the vast land of Tsushima.




Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions


Sure, it doesn’t get particularly close to a game made by FromSoft (I know, I know, game journalism where everything is > dark souls), but the more skilled players will have a nice challenge with the ‘hard’ difficulty setting in the game.

There are also easy and normal modes, so Ghost of Tsushima is a pretty accessible game that can be enjoyed by a vast number of players, regardless of how good they are with a controller.

Here's the Ghost Trailer Courtesy of PlayStation 



So those are the seven reasons why you should play Ghost of Tsushima, the latest creation from Sucker Punch, and, with the PS5 right around the corner, one of the last great first-party titles to come to the PS4, hope you liked this article.

Have you already played Ghost of Tsushima? Let me know in the comments below what you think about it.


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