7 Reasons to Play The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners
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Fun & Engaging, The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is the great mix of Horror RPG and Hack & Slash gameplay that fans were waiting for. Discover here why

7 Reasons to Play The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners | Article Image from Skydance Interactive

Be advised this is a Mature 17+ Game. 


Image from Skydance Interactive
Image from Skydance Interactive


Remember back in the days, playing The Sims and trying to make your little human entertained by putting some cool goggles and watching him have some fun?

Yes, we’re that old and Yes, we wished we could have that kind of gaming experience.

Years later, VR gaming is on the rise, with games evolving and looking to catch up to the trend.

With games such as Robo Recall, SUPERHOT or the new entry Asgard’s Wrath, VR is starting to develop a well-curated list of gems and beloved franchises such as The Walking Dead are starting to notice.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, developed by Skydance Interactive is aiming to leave behind the Telltale way of retelling the postapocalyptic world of humans vs walkers.

Fun, engaging & free roam horror.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should play The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners in your VR setup.




Axis Studios - Skydance Interactive
Axis Studios - Skydance Interactive


VR & AR are improving the way we interact with technology and the gaming industry is on this trend while growing by the minute.

New games are coming to life every month and with the plus of beating the achievements of its predecessors with longer campaigns & smooth interactions.

With the mix of great storytelling and interactive gameplay, The Walking Dead Universe could be aiming for new heights.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is the mix of a horror game with RPG vibes.

With hordes of Walkers growing by the day and human factions aiming to reconquer their territories, prepare yourself for the apocalyptic madness.





Skydance Interactive
Skydance Interactive


Leaving the Telltale cinematic experience, Skydance Interactive took notes and create a TWD game with the elements that fans were expecting, a free roam horror story with a hack & slash gameplay.

So, with a 15 to 18 hours campaign, you become The Tourist, somehow immune to the deadly virus that torn down humanity,

Your mission:  locate the golden treasure of loot deep in the streets and swamps of New Orleans.

Humans, walkers & limited supplies will be your deadly companions.

Are you up to the task?




Skydance Interactive
Skydance Interactive


Ok, if the devastating and post madness haven’t taken you down, don´t worry Walkers are around every corner.

In The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, the difference is made by day & night.

Because if you don’t take care of the walkers under the light of day, they’ll keep growing in numbers and make your path difficult to handle.

And this is the fun and distinctive gameplay of Saints & Sinners.

Hack and Slash the walkers.

A bunch of different weapons from bottles to the classic Lucille (that wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire) will help you out conquer the remains creatures of the outbreak.

But, beware in TWD you must make each swing & shot count because a limited inventory & stamina will keep you on your toes.

And if you die, you have only one chance to recover your gear.

So, make it count.




Axis Studios - Skydance Interactive
Axis Studios - Skydance Interactive


Intuitive & fun gameplay is not complete with good storytelling.

What Telltale teaches us is that a story well developed and characters make the difference.

Saints & Sinners take the best elements of the TWD universe to build a nice RPG vibe, where decisions will impact the smoothness of your next quest.

Explore every option to complete your goals, by storming the enemy position or with a stealthy approach.

S&S is made with great attention to detail. In addition to nice graphics, the classic looks of the franchise.

So, take your gear, hang tight and explore the world, if you’re ready.




Skydance Interactive
Skydance Interactive


Humans or Walkers, which one is easier to handle?

Weapons or hordes?

In Saints & Sinners, humans run different factions, each with their morals, each with their personas.

And humans run the guns.


Skydance Interactive
Skydance Interactive


Welcome to the survival jungle, so crafting and upgrading your gear is vital.

New weapons, more ammo, meds, and even backpacks.

Survival at the best.

Check out 20 Minutes of Gameplay Courtesy of IGN





Axis Studios - Skydance Interactive
Axis Studios - Skydance Interactive


We got a base storyline and fun gameplay, what about the sound?

Inside an immersive system such as VR, even when the overall sound effects don’t get it (some guns don’t achieve the high notes) the best comes from the voice acting.

And for this RPG + Horror mix game, the voice acting will hook you up into the heart of the leftover habitants of this forsaken city.




Skydance Interactive
Skydance Interactive


Overall, The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners set a great path for VR games and TWD games, it could easily reclaim the throne for the Best TWD game up to date.

Made with good care and attention to details, smooth gameplay and immersive atmosphere we could be entering the future for Survival horror.

Imagine a full Resident Evil or Silent Hill taking notes and making the jump into VR.

We say please.


Skydance Interactive
Skydance Interactive


Which one do you prefer, Telltale signature immersive TWD or The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners engaging free roam?

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