Top Ten Best Spider-Man Games: Ranked

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With a Great Superhero comes a Great Responsibility. And with Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters now, let's review the best games made of our friendly neighbor. Enjoy and Play!

Article Image from Sony Interactive Entertainment - Insomniac Games

‎Sony Interactive Entertainment -  Insomniac Games - Activision - Treyarch
‎Sony Interactive Entertainment - Insomniac Games - Activision - Treyarch




Activision - Treyarch
Activision - Treyarch


This Spider-Man game was developed by Treyarch and Published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360.

Our friendly Spidey in steroids. A full smash buttons and have fun. 

Time to battle Symbiote and choose to be a good or bad spider.




Activision - Beenox
Activision - Beenox


Developed by Beenox Published by Activision for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS.

Back to the Future Featuring Spider-man? You bet.

Play as two versions of the beloved superheroe while jumping through time and choosing how to save the other dimension.


3 SPIDER-MAN (2002)


Activision - Treyarch
Activision - Treyarch


The first Spider-man licensed game from Sam Raimi's Spider-man Trilogy (You know the one with Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, J. K. Simmons, Willem Defoe and the other bunch of people).

Activision managed to create an engaged game using the familiar story and faces from the movie world.

A new cinematic look for the good ol Spiderverse. can play as the Green Goblin.




Activision - Vicarious Visions
Activision - Vicarious Visions


Taking the spot from the 2000's Spider-man PsOne game.

This time Spidey 2 take us to the floor of New York (Literally… for the first time).

Improving the mechanics from 2000 but with variety of moves and missions.

Fight the same ol enemies but within a nice mix of levels.






Pushing buttons and kicking bad guys in a Arcade Machine? You bet!

This beat em up arcade game is an oldie gem but set the path for the open world adventures of Spidey.

Developed by Sega and using a clever camera setting you could play as Spidey or Black Cat, Sub-Mariner, and Hawkeye while fighting famous villains, including Venom, Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Lizard, Scorpion, Sandman, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and finally Doctor Doom.

Played as Single or up to 4 players cooperatively, only the coins were the limit.




Activision - Marvel Entertainment - Treyarch
Activision - Marvel Entertainment - Treyarch


A nice comic book art style.

You can be VENOM.

No more to say.




Activision - Beenox
Activision - Beenox


Spider-man + Time Travel with Four Dimensions? You bet.

Unique abilities, unique style, different types of gameplay (Into the Spider-Verse vibes?).

A new whole world to play and  no more New York this time.


8 SPIDER-MAN (2000)


Activision - Marvel Entertainment - Neversoft
Activision - Marvel Entertainment - Neversoft


The game of the games.

Oh the nostalgia, the feelings and the fun.

Made for the Playstation One (The baby that destroy my childhood with so many amazing games).

Activision really knew what a Spiderman game should be.

Spiderman in a 3D World? Check

Spiderman with a Sandbox taste? Check

Unique levels? Check

Fun and Challeging missions? Double Check

And even when glitchy controls and annoy camera moves try to take out the experience.

This is a lesson on how amazing spiderman (no pun intended) games should be made.

Web cacoons, web boxing gloves, web hadokens, different customes, yeaaahhh! Ok enought with the hype.

Just as I remembered it!


9 SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004)


Activision - Treyarch
Activision - Treyarch


The Web swinging Justice.

Welcome to the New York City Sandbox that we all have been expecting.

And cool heroes missions: beat up thugs, stop car robbers, return purses, become an ambulance and even return balloons (or pop them hehehe).

Pizza Delivery anybody?




Sony Interactive Entertainment - Insomniac Games
Sony Interactive Entertainment - Insomniac Games


Insomniac Games took every plus from the best of this list, put it together, improve it and this game was born.

The Masterpiece of the beloved hero.

Taking every good point of every past game of the Spidey, this game will get you hook up for hours.

Thrilling action, smooth combat and funny gadgets.

The Epic Free roam that this superhero deserved.

Feel like Spider-man and Peter Parker over again.


How many games of our beloved Spidey have you play?

Comment below and tell us your own ranking


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