Top Ten Breathtaking Movies with Keanu Reeves

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Why Keanu Reeves is Breathtaking? Well let's see… Genuine, Kind and a talented action-movie-hero. Sounds good? Here are our Top 10 Movies with Keanu Reeves.

Article Image from Summit Entertainment

The Samuel Goldwyn Company -	Summit Entertainment - Warner Bros. - InterCom
The Samuel Goldwyn Company - Summit Entertainment - Warner Bros. - InterCom


Troubled teenager, retired assassin, the one, jealous brother, naive lover and LAPD hero, Keanu Reeves surely has an arsenal of roles. Let's check out his best ones.




Fine Line Features
Fine Line Features


Mike Waters: This road never ends. It probably goes all around the world.


Keanu Reeves joined by the late River Phoenix  tell the story of two friends in search for meaning.

One through Money and the other through love will face the challenge of youth inside the streets of Portland.

With Reeves proving his performance as versatile actor and Phoenix  building his legend this is a must watch if you love indie films and  want to experience the realism of life.


9 RIVER'S EDGE (1987)


Island Pictures
Island Pictures


Layne: It's people like you that are sending this country down the tubes. 


Based on a true story, a group of teenagers have to decide if they should turn in a friend or live with a horrible secret.

Reeves plays a lost teenager inside a dysfunctional family and disaffected friends in one of his breakthrough roles.

A good watch for a rainy night.




Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment


Viggo Tarasov: What happened, John?... We were professionals... Civilized.


John Wick: Do I look civilized to you?


The role of the legend. The hitman that came out of retirement to revenge his dog.

Yes, that's everything you need to know.

Now, go watch it.




Warner Bros. - InterCom
Warner Bros. - InterCom


Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?


Morpheus: No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.


A list of reasons:


-Action Sci-fi cult classic.

-Morfeo, Trinity, Neo… the cast.

-Visual Effects out of this world.

-Questions such as Are we living a Simulation or Reality?

-It looks great.

-Masterfully choreographed action sequences.

-Original Story (we can't explain it).


OK…we're going to give you this chance to go and watch it if you haven't. Only this time.

BTW…the video game for PS2 was quite interesting too and fun to play.




The Samuel Goldwyn Company
The Samuel Goldwyn Company


Benedick: By my sword, Beatrice, thou lovest me.


Beatrice: Do not swear by it and eat it.


Lighting out the tone from the previous entries, this star studded comedy and Shakespeare's Henry V adaptation put Reeves as a jealous brother who plot to take down a wedding.

An entertaining and amusing film.

Shakespeare done right. What can we say?




Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment


John Wick: You wanted me back... I'm back!


And OH boy he is.

The consequences of the coming back are fully loaded in this continuation of our favorite hitman story.

Keanu Reeves A.K.A John Unbreakable Wick now wants his Mustang back.

Keeping the good marks and brilliance action sequences of its predecessor, this chapter will keep you hook up and asking for more (no worries, you don't have to wait long).

Fun, entertaining and with a simple plot. No more no less.




Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.


Marquise de Merteuil: [said to Valmont] Vanity and happiness are incompatible.


Surely Mr. Keanu Reeves has been in some interesting movies.

In Dangerous Liaisons we encounter the scheming plots of the 18th century France, when two friends start a war of love and manipulation.

Elegant, wonderfully acted and a visual fest to watch.




Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment


Winston: Si vis pacem, para bellum.


The Wick franchise continues and the most-targeted assassin have to keep running, hiding and shooting.

Thrilling action, stylish fighting and memorable experiences… a masterpiece.

An Excommunicado in Survival. Are you in?




Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures


Karen: Do you really have to go?


Gil: My whole life is "have to."


A heartful family story.

A comedy about the real struggles of parenthood, family and its realism.

Likable and down-to-earth characters shine in this great portrayal of life.

Great and priceless. Can you recall your family memories from this film?


1 SPEED (1994)


Twentieth Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox


Howard Payne: Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?


Speed in three words?

Bomb Bus 50


Speed is one of those Sunday Movies that shows us how a simple storyline create one of the best action movies of all-time.

Great acting and chemistry, slick scenes and rock solid.

Keanu's best.


Have you watched all of these movies from Mr. Keanu? Would you add more? Then tell us your own ranking below


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